SuperCharge your Trading with CFDs

  • By Jeff Cartridge

  • June 15, 2015
  • 2:25 pm BST

 by Jeff Cartridge

SuperCharge your trading with CFDs is the latest book by Jeff Cartridge and is tailored specifically for the growing Australian CFD market.

Jeff Cartridge has taught tens of thousands of people around Australia and New Zealand and is one of the most respected people in the stock market industry. Jeff Cartridge uses a very down to earth, practical way of explaining key market terms and offers valuable insight to all new CFD traders when contemplating moving into this exciting field.

In his book Supercharge your trading with CFDs, Jeff Cartridge covers a lot of ground and for any new CFD traders out there looking to make a start, this is the book for you.

I have developed a strategy that works very well to tackle the emotional issues associated with trading CFDs. More than a year ago, I made $8,000 in one day and got very excited by this. I started telling other people about the money I was making and imagining what I would spend all this money on. From that point on, I could not do anything right.

Jeff Cartridge – SuperCharge Your Trading with CFDs

Supercharge your trading with CFDs starts off by looking at the reasons for trading a derivative product and highlights the key advantages that CFD trading has over other forms of derivatives like options or warrants.

You’ll also gain valuable insight into choosing a CFD broker from the dozens that are available and Jeff knows first hand which are the best as he has had the opportunity to trade with most of them. When it comes to CFD brokers, there isn’t much Jeff Cartridge doesn’t know!

The most valuable section in the book…

By far the most valuable chapter in the book is the one of CFD trading strategies and Jeff outlines basic to advanced CFD trading strategies that you can employ to get your trading off to a profitable start. CFD strategies like:

  • Day trading;
  • Short term trading;
  • Medium term investing;
  • Pairs trading;
  • Dividend plays (one of his favourites);
  • Hedging;
  • Index Stripping/tilting; and
  • Seasonal patterns

As you can see Jeff doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to CFD trading strategies and you can be assured that Jeff has personally tried all of these methods in his own personal trading accounts. Most importantly Jeff has a great knack for explaining difficult topics in an easy to understand fashion so you’ll walk away from this book with a solid understanding of all concepts relating to CFD trading.

No doubt you have read many advertisements promising untold riches when you start CFD trading but the reality can be the total opposite of this. Jeff understands what it takes to trade for a living and in the later chapters Jeff’s wisdom is outlined in the chapters titled Risk Management, Position sizing and analysing your trades: know thyself.

The key to successful trading in CFDs is to control your risk. To do this, a CFD trader has control over two things, the placement of stops and the size of the position.

Jeff Cartridge – SuperCharge Your Trading with CFDs

Rounding up the last couple of chapters are risk management and the most often overlooked section of all traders – Building a trading plan. In order to win long-term with your CFD trading, you’ll need to build and gain confidence in your trading plan.

If overnight riches are what you are looking for then you’ll need to read another book, but if solid trading strategies built upon easy to understand methods is what you are after, then Supercharge Your Trading with CFDs by Jeff Cartridge will be a welcome addition to your library.