Forex: In the Money

  • By Luke Andresen

  • August 7, 2018
  • 12:32 am BST

By Eoin Cusack


Eoin Cusack’s experiences of life as a forex trader are well worth a read. In his book, the author confidently covers a number of relevant techniques and issues while providing refreshing honesty and insight. Despite its short length, this book manages to leave readers feeling better-informed and able to kick off a career in foreign exchange trading.


This is an excellent book for those traders who have recently started trading and have begun to get to grips with the complexities of the industry.

It’s a great primer for those who want to start mastering some of the more complicated aspects of trading, including everything from the power of leverage to the art of market mapping. It has a particular focus on psychology, and explains how much of trading success relies on the trader understanding both how their own mind is affecting their work – and, crucially, how the broker is operating in response.

A distinct advantage of the book is Cusack’s honesty: unlike some of the works on the market which promise get rich quick schemes, he freely admits that his journey to the top of the foreign exchange trading tree wasn’t easy and that it wasn’t something which he managed to achieve overnight.

Perhaps its main disadvantage, though, is the fact that the reader is left wanting more. At just 41 pages, it feels a little as though Cusack could have taken his insights further and provided even more great information for a keen forex trader to consume. Those looking for very detailed explanations which explore every corner of an issue, then, may be better off looking elsewhere.


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