FOREX: BIG BANG – The Lost Treasure of Trading

By El Incredible


As a short book with just 13 pages of content, there’s a lot that’s overlooked in this work – and there’s a risk that it makes false promises, too. But there’s also a lot to enjoy about it, and the author offers some refreshing strategies wrapped up in an easily-accessible format.


In the book, the author looks closely at the relationship between two key forex trading skills: fundamental analysis and technical analysis, and explains how they can be combined to achieve your aims. This approach gives the book a refreshing touch and is likely to encourage traders to think twice before placing their next trade.

This book is aimed squarely at those who already have some experience in the forex world, and this guide is not really intended as a primer. It’s very clearly written for those traders who already have a decent enough understanding of the functioning of the forex market and the range of basic technical indicators on offer.

Despite the fact that it does contain some useful information, its promises that you will be victorious in nine out of every ten operations you carry out once you have developed the skills it teaches is obviously not a guaranteed outcome. The book is best seen as one possible mode of trading which has a chance of success like any other.

It’s also worth pointing out that the book is relatively short at 13 pages, which does restrict the level of detail on offer. However, it may be able to provide a good starting point for those traders who have an open mind and are looking to expand their base of strategy options.


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