Divulging potentially profitable trading secrets

  • By Harrison Cole

  • August 14, 2018
  • 9:10 pm BST

Day trading is not for everyone, but if you pay attention to the trading secrets available and follow solid forex trading advice, you have a good chance of making a profit. There are lots of opportunities, but only a small number of people are taking advantage of them. Those on a winning run may be using methods that are not well-known. Here are some day trading tricks of the trade that might give your efforts a boost.

All-powerful knowledge

The ability to share knowledge and communicate in a split second from anywhere in the world has telling effects on the market. The availability of reliable news sources from around the globe provides you with a wealth of information that could affect your market. The ability to predict how market prices will fluctuate is dependent on several factors, with current affairs playing a major role.

There are several news sites that provide above-average reporting on affairs that affect trading. Financial Juice is free to join, but some sites charge for registration, such as Ransquawk, Trade the News and Benzinga Pro. Financial analysis of current affairs reduces time spent researching and keeps you abreast of what’s happening in the world as far as the market is concerned.

Keep track of events 

Many tools are available to assist traders in effectively predicting changes in the flow of trade. An economic calendar is often overlooked, but it can be vital to successful trading. This kind of calendar keeps track of events that could affect the movement of the market. The calendar will break down and clarify events that are influential to trade. Certain factors are considered, including interest rate decisions, GDP announcements and the Consumer Price Index. Correctly using the calendar will allow you to predict or anticipate future movement and plan accordingly.

In addition to the economic calendar, the Price Alerts App is a trick that CFD brokers are eager to share. The ability to stay on top of current events all over the world in real time through your calendar is a phenomenal tool for trading. Use the filters and alerts to customize your notifications. There is no need to share any personal information to gain access to the calendar and subscribing is free of charge.

Maintain emotional discipline

There are several different trade secrets that could be incorporated into your daily trading techniques and strategies, but there is one in particular that rings truer than ever. It doesn’t require any technical ability – instead, it requires emotional control.

It is safe to say that keeping a cool head and a clear mind when you are on the wrong side of a losing streak is difficult, but that very factor could be a pivotal one. Developing emotional discipline is easier said than done and requires practice. If you follow the basics steps provided, you will soon be in control. Respect your stops and use the time wisely to explore where you went wrong and focus on correcting it.

A strategy is the first thing that you should put in place before starting to trade. You have researched and have all your data in order. Start with your strategy and stick with it, don’t doubt yourself, and be consistent. Concentrate your efforts on small wins. Although it is human nature to go for the big win right out of the starting blocks, repeated small wins will build your bank. As your confidence grows, you can increase your position size.

Set goals that are realistic. Unrealistic goals and profit expectations will lead to decisions that are reckless. Keep learning throughout the process. There are many books available filled with useful information and tips on trading.