CFDs Made Simple: A straightforward guide to contracts

CFDs Made Simple: A straightforward guide to contracts for difference

By Peter Temple


CFDs offer lots of opportunities for flexible trading, and that’s the central theme of Peter Temple’s book. By providing a discussion of these CFD benefits while also pointing out the major risks that a leverage-based financial product like this can bring, Temple manages to create an informative and well-written work that is suitable for anyone who wants to learn more.


As a good guide to CFD trading written by a long-standing expert in the trading field, CFDs Made Simple: A straightforward guide to contracts for difference by Peter Temple is handy for all who are looking to begin a CFD trading career. From the benefits and risks that can be posed by the gearing exposure that CFD trading creates to an explanation of terms such as “long”, “short” and “hedge”, this book is pretty comprehensive, and is especially suited to those who want to get started with CFD trading.

At 166 pages, this book manages to avoid being simplistic but also avoids being complicated – so it’s possible for everyone to read, no matter what their prior trading experience might be.

Temple is a highly experienced trader, and has worked in everything from investment analysis to fund management. He’s also a journalist with past bylines in publications such as Interactive Investor and the Financial Times, so it’s no surprise that this book is relatively well written and easy to read.

For traders who want to read about the good sides of CFD trading and the bad in a simple yet authoritative manner, Temple’s book is an ideal way to start a trading career in an informed way.


Format: Kindle edition

Size: 3169 KB, 166 pages (print length)

Publisher: Harriman House

Publication Date: August 27, 2010

Language: English