CFD Trading Secrets

By Carl Evans


Carl Evans makes CFD Trading accessible to traders who are new to trading but also provides a bit of knowledge that advanced traders can apply in their portfolio. His book CFD Trading Secrets can help traders understand CFD trading in all market conditions and comes with information on how traders can protect assets.


CFD Trading Secrets makes CFD trading less complicated, and it is accompanied with a writing style that is easy to digest, making it accessible to beginners and a good read for advanced traders who want to refresh their CFD trading knowledge. Evans is direct to the point, answers common trading questions, and explains what pertinent words and abbreviations mean.

While this is aimed at Australian traders, non-Australians can still pick up a few things. It is a light read though, and readers who want chunky, information-rich books should not buy CFD Trading Secrets. However, it is still a good starting point for those who just started trading because it takes into account that its target market is reading CFD Trading Secrets because they want to make serious money.

The book covers topics on where to get information, what good investing is all about, protecting assets, and profiting from an unstable market. It is not a good resource for technical analysis, but it does remind traders about the importance of following the trend.

CFD Trading Secrets gives its readers a very honest insight about the different markets while addressing the sustainability or lack of sustainability of certain trading moves. It teaches traders how to avoid getting frustrated or bitter about their losses and the importance of learning from miscalculations and mistakes so that they do not happen again. However, Evans promoted certain services through this e-book, which makes it less appealing for traders who want a truly illuminating read.




Format: Kindle

Length: 55 pages


Publication Date: June 21, 2011

Language: English