Beat the Broker: How to Hammer the Broker 

Forex Trading – Beat the Broker: How to Hammer the Broker 

By Collins Mawire and Portia Mawire


Collins and Portia Mawire choose to go against the grain with their offering and encourage ways to get around the broker in a series of steps and strategies for the uninitiated. As they say, the house always wins, so this book shows readers how to avoid such pitfalls and help them stay ahead.


In an interesting change from the many books that attempt to help you pick the right broker, Collins Mawire and Portia Mawire aim to show their readers that the house does not always have to win.

Claiming that only 5% of forex traders end up winning overall (a figure that may be disputed by other outlets), and that 95% of all forex traders lose, the Mawires maintain that there is one person that always wins – the forex brokers themselves. 

Forex Trading – Beat the Broker: How to Hammer the Broker takes a different approach to many books on the market, which may explain why the book is currently sitting so high on some of the Amazon bestseller ebook lists for trading materials.

Breaking down the various complex mechanisms that can often shroud some forex broker websites, this book also aims to show why most losers actually end up with the 95% and not the other way around – with the claim that there is a lot more to it than just a simple win-or-lose trade scenario.

Instead of relying on typical indicators, the book looks at what it calls gaps in the armor of forex brokers to pick the right time to make gains. Although this book will not be for everyone, for anyone looking for a different approach, the Mawires may offer some insight.



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Publication Date: 24 March 2018

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