ADX-PPO pinch trading

By K K Ajan


With a clear stall set out from the beginning, K K Ajan aims to show his readers how to discover the secrets of ADX-PPO and use it to capitalize on movements in the market. His idea is that by following these strategies based on making a complex formula fairly simple and easy to understand, it is possible to succeed in the same way the author has done.


This book sets out with the idea that being able to copy this strategy and implement it into any individual’s trading habits should be enough to elicit profitable returns. Based on the idea behind Average Directional Index (ADX) and Percentage Price Oscillator (PPO), it links up these two key market indicators to provide what the author claims are reliable terms when combined, to show what direction the market is headed in.

This means it becomes easier to find out when to enter the market, when you should withdraw your trades, and how to know when something good is about to happen in the market. As it is based entirely on data outputs, it eschews any forms of intuition-based trading and suggests there is another way to profit rather than relying on behavioural psychology methods.

Of course, this type of book will not be for everyone, and can definitely be seen as particularly specific. However, not everyone will want the broad brush stroke, and as far as analysis goes in this field, it is incredibly comprehensive, and there are not that many other books on this exact subject that go into the same level of detail.

For any reader looking to find a different way of doing things, and move away from many of the more championed strategies, this definitely shines on a path not many others decide to walk on, but this does not mean it has to be any less profitable.


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