A Beginner’s Guide to Stocks, CFDs and FX Trading

How to Trade and Win: A Beginner’s Guide to Stocks, CFDs and FX Trading

By T. Rockwell and K.H. Bytes


Getting started is the hardest thing for a new trader to do, and that’s where Rockwell and Bytes’ book aims to help. By focusing on technical indicators and important trading skills (such as pattern recognition) from what is decidedly a new starter’s perspective, readers can get an easily understood head start.


 This book is ideal for people who are looking to find out how to understand what technical trading strategy is and how they can apply it to their trading behavior. It covers a wide range of basic technical tools that traders can use, including pattern recognition and the observance of commodity movements.

The authors are experts in the trading field. Rockwell, for example, was first active on the stock market when he was just 14 years old and has since trained hundreds of traders, so he has plenty of experience.

The teaching experience of the authors shines through in the book, and it provides a broken-down, step-by-step approach to the science of trading from the perspective of a new trader. It relies on plain English to get the message across, which helps those who aren’t quite as knowledgeable about the ins and outs of technical trading.

This book focuses in large part on basic strategies for trading, rather than explaining what trading actually is and how markets work in practice. Though it bills itself as a beginner’s guide, those who are still getting to grips with the basics may be best off with a primer before they start thinking about strategies.


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